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Handler Information

Running Orders via the USBCHA:  (please note that these are subject to change, keep checking in)  Li



Camping at Belle Grove:

Campers and RVs may start to arrive Sunday, October 3rd only AFTER 4pm.
Camping is only allowed in the designated campground; if you park anywhere else on the property, you will be asked to move.

Water will be $25.00 each fill
Dumping will be $40.00 each time


Dump & Water days are on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Cheryl Hinton will be your contact person and she will have dry boards setup on easels as in 2017 to sign up.  ***You must be at your campers for either delivery***


Coming South on Rt.11

First Right hand turn past Belle Grove's main entrance way. Entrance will be clearly marked

Coming North on Rt.11 from Strasburg

Left hand turn before Belle Grove's main entrance way. Entrance will be clearly marked.

Please keep your camping area clean, there will be port-a-potties located near the Nursery field. The $25.00 camping fee must be paid prior to arrival.  This includes all handlers and volunteers. Thank you!

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