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Handler's Bag

The Finals Team would like to thank the following for donating to the Handler's Bags!

  • Flo Hix - Lucky Dog Lanyards and More

  • Rebecca Gibson- Fly Away Geese

  • Nicole Bozich - Beloved Storm Farm,NC

  • Cathy Benedict - Goose Dogs For Sale

  • Sam Furman- Front Runner Farm, VA.

  • Belle Grove -Middletown,VA.

  • Serta ( bet you can’t guess what they donated )

  • Sheepdog Whiskey ( hmmm!)

  • Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR), Sarah Ruckelshaus

  • Patricia & Alasdair MacRae

With permission, we are going to let these items be a surprise to you. But they will absolutely be identifiable.  These ladies and companies have gone above and beyond and to say thank you is not enough. And of course we have more surprises in store…so stay tuned!

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